Anytime, Anywhere

  • This service has succeeded in resolving issues, including the problems of those who complain that a medical institution equipped with a CT scanner is located far from their home and that they have no time to go to such an institution. This vehicle equipped with an advanced CT scanner allows for CT scans anytime, anywhere.

Cost Saving

  • You do not need to pay enormous initial costs to purchase an expensive CT scanner and establish an examination room that requires special construction for load-bearing, shielding, and other purposes as well as a control booth.
  • You also do not need to pay various running costs, including maintenance contract costs necessary to respond to troubles and labor costs for experienced technicians necessary to use rapidly advancing CT equipment.
  • This vehicle can be used at a good price as an alternative device while your CT scanner is being replaced.

From Various Procedures to Diagnostic Imaging

  • We will support the necessary procedures for conducting a CT exam.
  • We will interpret CT images that you scan. Real-time medical image interpretation is possible through our cloud service “LOOKREC.”

Equipped with a 16-row Multi-slice CT Scanner

  • The latest model 16-row multi-slice CT scanner is installed and an examination room and a control booth are built in this truck.


Overall length


Overall width


Overall height






Power source : Equipped with a power generator; on-site power sources available. (The output should be three-phase 200 V with a capacity of 50 kVA or greater.)

CT Scanner (by Hitachi Medical Corporation)

No. of Slices16 slices/scan
Scanning Time0.8, 1.0. 1.5, 2.0 or 3.0 seconds
Reconstructed Slice Thickness0.625、1.25、2.5、3.75、5、7.5、10mm
X-ray Tube3.5MHU
X-ray Tube Voltage100kV、120kV、130kV
X-ray Tube Current10〜275mA
X-ray Output33kW
Current Capacity50kVA
Image Operation ModeReal-time mode (actual image operation implemented concurrently with scanning)
Image Reconstruction Speed5 pcs/second (standard); 20 pcs/second
(when LiveRecon 20 is installed optionally)
Image Date Storage Capacity
Built-in HDD
Approximately 200,000 pcs
External storage device
Approximately 16,000 pcs (9.4 GB DVD-RAM)
Approximately 8,000 pcs (4.7 GB DVD-R)
Approximately 1,100 pcs (650 MB CD-R)

Equipped with a hydraulic elevator and designed in a barrier-free manner, this vehicle provides the opportunity for patients in a wheelchair or on a stretcher to receive a CT scan with ease.