High-quality Image Interpretation

  • This service is intended for hospitals and clinics equipped with MR and CT scanners. Through this service, brain and lung medical examinations can easily be implemented. Images taken during brain medical examinations and during lung medical examinations are double-checked by a diagnostic radiologist and a neurosurgeon and by two diagnostic radiologists, respectively. Thus, we implement teleradiology responsibly.

User-friendly System

  • MR and CT scanners can be used effectively and easily. If MR and CT scanners have already been installed, all you need additionally is a computer and an Internet connection. There is no problem even if there is no neurosurgeon or respiratory disease specialist.
  • No expensive initial costs are required. The main costs are the monthly basic fee for services and the fee for medical image interpretation for each case.

Simple Operation

  • Requests for medical image interpretation and access to diagnostic reports are possible through simple operation.
  • Browsing, saving (in PDF format), and printing are available from your computer.

High-level Security

  • This service is operated through “LOOKREC,” a cloud-based medical support service.
  • Built on the Google Cloud Platform, LOOKREC secures high-level security, availability, and business continuity.

Necessary Equipment and Environment

  • Image data comply with the DICOM specifications (in conformity with PDI).
  • An environment with access to the Internet and high-speed lines such as optical fibers are recommended.
  • A Gmail address is required (to ensure security using the authentication infrastructure of Google).
  • A computer with Windows 7 or 8 is required, in which an application to upload image data is installed.
  • Google Chrome browser is used for operation and browsing.